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Aim Two Three

Support Hub

We know that advisory firms want to provide advice to their clients, it’s why they are in business after all.  Time not spent with clients or administering their affairs does not help your clients or your firm.  

One of the big distractions which your firm faces, like all other advisory firms, is complying with the ever increasing volume of new regulation and changes to existing regulation.  There is no shortage of businesses offering to support firms with this burden, but their support is often too generalist to be of real assistance to firms.

If all that you require is a range of documentation and someone visiting you every year or so to tell you that your documentation is up to date then Aim Two Three is not for you.  That’s the service which any support provider can deliver on.

We just don’t have a ‘standard’ offering.  All of our regulatory support work, which includes business planning, is designed with our client firms after a consultation process designed to ensure that we fully understand their needs and objectives and that they understand our abilities and ethos.

We have a three part process which ensures that our delivery matches our clients’ needs and expectations.


Our consultation process digs deeply into our potential clients’ business models enabling us to build a thorough understanding of those businesses without which we just do not believe that any support provider can possibly know whether they can truly help a firm or are simply trying to apply their standard service to it irrespective of how good a fit that survice actually is in the circumstances.



Once we know all about your business, we will be in a position to offer you advice.  We will provide you with a properly costed, bespoke, proposal setting out what our understanding of your business is, your stated objectives and our view of your business needs in the short and medium terms.  We will describe the services which we believe will best assist you with the journey with an explanation of how each service will dovetail with your business.  At this stage we may simply tell you that we do not believe that our businesses are a good fit and refer you on to one of the generalist support providers which are so common in the market.


If our advice proposal is accepted, we will agree timescales etc with you and start to provide services.  Some of the services we identify may be provided by other parties, this will have been made abundantly clear in our proposal and is most likely to occur where your firm is already engaged with a generalist support provider.  These organisations are well resourced to provide standard documentation, CPD accredited workshops, support with standardised suitability reports etc.  Aim Two Three’s services are bespoke, we are, for example, more interested in making sure that your documentation is updated, fits in with your advice process and is utilised properly by your advisers than that you simply have a full suite of paperwork.  We are also able to support firms in the difficult task of undertaking due diligence on outsourced partners such as DFMs.  A big part of our service delivery is actually ongoing consultancy (hence the circular nature of the above diagram) and we work with firms to ensure that they are aware of, and ready for, not just recent regulatory changes but also those which are planned but yet to be implemented.

What sort of support do firms need?

Well, obviously, the Aim Two Three view of this is that all firms are different and the support that they need reflects this.  So a better question would be ‘what sort of support is sold to firms?’.  This recognises that most support providers have a set range of services and their ‘one size fits all’ approach results in them deciding that all firms need the solutions they offer – not an approach which we adopt and not one that you’d use with your own clients either.

Our services are simply tools which we use, or ignore, when constructing our bespoke proposals for firms, they include:

  • Client File Reviews
  • Documentation
  • Fit & Proper Support
  • Help Desk
  • Investment Committee Support
  • Due Diligence Support
  • Newsletters & Briefing Notes
  • Principals' Consultancy & Business Planning
  • Process Design & Implementation
  • Senior Managers' Training & Support
  • SM&CR Implementation
  • Structured CPD

Generalist support providers may well offer many of these services, the Aim Two Three difference is in how they are delivered. Our visits, for example, are undertaken by a business owner who understands the problems you face. Our ‘auditors’ conduct just 1 or 2 audits a week on average rather than the 140 visits pa which auditors at the big support providers are targeted on and our documentation and processes are built in consultation with our clients, not just provided as templates. Aim Two Three is not a mass market solution, we only work with firms that we think are a good fit and we have no ambition to become a large support provider; as a ‘new model’ support provider we believe that doing a fantastic job for a small number of clients is better than providing a marginal service for thousands. Subscribing to Aim Two Three’s services will not prevent client firms from being members of support services providers; in fact we work well with firms who use conventional support providers for the basics allowing us to concentrate on the most important areas. To discuss how Aim Two Three may be able to help your firm and arrange a consultation, call us on 0161 813 2800

You choose which services you require, who provides them and how they are delivered

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